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Portable Gas Monitors

GfG Micro IV Single Gas Monitorport1

Single gas detector for toxic gases, hydrogen and oxygen

Housed in a titanium coated ABS case the MICRO IV provides maximum amount of safety in th smallest size. The non-disposable MICRO IV is available in a variety of gases with features you would expect in multi-gas units.

  • Three years sensors* warranty
  • AutoCalR Calibration
  • User replaceable “AA” battery and sensors
  • Ultra bright alarm lights and 91dB horn
  • Interchangeable sensors
  • TLV/TEL/TWA Reading & Datalogging (MICRO IV)
  • ON “AA” Battery last upto 9 months

GfG G450 Multi Gas Monitorport2

The World’s Most Advanced Confined Space Gas Detector

The G450 Confined Space Gas Detector continuously measures up to four hazards (CO, H2S, O2 and percent LEL combustible gas) in air.
The G450 is compact, robust and very easy-to-use. The dust proof and highly water resistant (IP-67) housing is designed to survive the toughest environmental conditions. The housing even includes a built-in rubberized boot to withstand the hard knocks of confined space entry.

  • Compact and robust 1-to-4 sensor design
  • Full 3-year warranty on all sensors
  • Interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours continuous operation
  • Motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample-draw mode
  • Highly water resistant (IP 67)
  • Affordable price!

GfG G460 Multi Gas Monitor with VOC & IR Sensors

The World’s Most Advanced Multi-sensor Atmospheric Monitorport3

The durable G460 continuously measures and displays readings for up to six gases at the same time.

The G460 is compact, robust and very easyto- use. The dust proof and highly water resistant (IP-67) housing is designed to survive the toughest environmental conditions. The housing even includes a built-in rubberized boot to withstand the hard knocks of confined space entry.

  • Exceptional HAZMAT and Confined Space performance
  • Up to 6 channels of detection.
  • PID sensor for direct reading of toxic VOCs
  • Infrared (IR) sensors for CO2 and combustible gas (0 % LEL – 100% volume)
  • Full 3-year warranty on O2, Combustible, CO, H2S and CO2 sensors
  • Wide range of additional sensors including SO2, HCN, Cl2, NH3, PH3, H2, NO, NO2, ClO2, O3, ETO and more!
  • Highly configurable smart sensor design
  • Full featured, rugged design
  • Optional motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample draw mode
  • Affordable price!

ION Science GasCheck, Leak Rate Detectorport4

Accurate gas leak measurement, Rapid readings of even the smallest leaks

GasCheck leak detector is capable of detecting almost any known gas or gas mixture. The micro thermal conductivity sensor responds rapidly to a leak helping you to detect even the smallest quantities of escaped gas.
GasCheck is conveniently calibrated against helium – the most commonly used tracer gas – and is particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, hydrogen, SF6 and refrigerants. The instrument range offers intrinsically safe versions for use in areas classified as zone zero flammable and can also safely detect flammable gases.

GasCheck 3000 : The simple, easy to use leak detector Designed specifically for search and location of non-flammable gases, such as helium and CFC’s.

GasCheck 3000is : An intrinsically safe leak detector 3000is is an ATEX approved intrinsically safe version of the 3000 instrument designed specifically for use in flammable areas and for the search and location of flammable gas leaks.

GasCheck 5000is : An advanced leak detector with download capability for easy data analysis 5000is benefits from many advanced features including data logging with a date and time stamp, a choice of readout units ppm or ml/sec, and an adjustable alarm level. 5000is can also download its data logged results to a PC for analysis via an infrared link. The accompanying software allows for the creation of graphs from the downloaded data and printed reports.

ION Science GasCheck, R2pcport5

Designed specifically for the detection and measurement of CFC’s, HFC’s and HCFC’s

GasCheck R2pc is a light weight, handheld leak detector specifically designed for the detection and measurement of refrigerant and air-conditioning gases. At the heart of the instrument is a unique sensing system optimised for refrigerant gas leak detection. The inboard pump and flow management system enables the instrument’s high sensitivity and rapid response to detect the smallest of CFC’s and HCFC’s leaks – 0.2 gm/yr.

Robust and reliable, the instrument can be switched to display leak rates in gm/yr or ppm. Leak rate measurements are continuously updated allowing the leak to be accurately located and the leak rate exponential measured.

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